Nirma University Incubation Centre


Nirma University Incubation Centre creates a much-needed innovation, preincubation and incubation ecosystem support for students, adding to the start-up ecosystem of India and creating a strong innovation-driven culture in the University system. The existing massive pool of faculty members, researchers and research ecosystem, and common facilities are avenues for new ideas to get nourished in university system itself, and then these young innovators get entrepreneurial support at the incubator in order to become a full-fledged start-up.


The incubation process layers are summarized in the following table:

No.  Phase Ecosystem Layer Key Interventions
I Pre-Incubation Exposure /
  • Outreach to students
  • Literacy program in innovation/IPR
  • Engaging various stakeholders
  • Changing mind set
  • Conducive and creative environment
II Ideas / Innovation
  • Design thinking, Ideation, Problem-solving skills
  • Pedagogic, Academic & Skill programs
  • Projects – Proof of concepts (PoC) – minimum viable prototypes (MVP)
  • Common infrastructure and resources
  • Business Model and Ecosystem Building
  • IP creation and protection, Pre Seed support
  • Validation through early users
  • Motivation /awards/citation/recognition
III Incubation Start-up
  • Business model canvass development & Mentorship
  • Market access, Industry linkages
  • Post seed support
  • Funding for full-fledged product realisation
  • Customer validation
  • Legal and strategic support
IV Scale-up
  • Support in Growth stage, Regulation & public policy
  • Venture capital and private equity
  • Ease of running a business
  • Facilitating exit
  • Expansion and globalisation

Funding & Facilities

The incubator is funded by the University itself as well as through the SSIP policy of the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat. The student team gets the SSIP grant up to Rs 2 Lacs, and in addition financial support to file the patents and IP support. The University has a dedicated space of 10,000 square feet with co-working space, offices, conference rooms, and laboratories. The incubator staff facilitates mentorship at the various stages (ideation, PoC, Prototypes, Start-up, Scale-up) in the fields of technology, IP, Legality, Finance, Marketing and Expansion.

Eligibility: Any student and Nirma Alumni up to 5 years

Admission Process: 

The Incubation Centre invites applications from the students through email.

Selection Process:

  • Initial scrutiny of the application will be done by interview based on the candidate’s entrepreneurial qualities and area of innovation. 
  • Based on the initial scrutiny of the application, applicants will be asked to submit a detailed business plan. 
  • Review of business plan on the basis of technical features, market potential, financial growth factors, business graduation and sustainability.
  • Analysis of the potential to create jobs in the region.
  • Applicant’s skills in the areas of creativity, critical thinking, networking, and marketing. 

The selected candidates will be inducted into the programme for further grooming to help them develop entrepreneurial skills and ultimately germinate a value proposition which is then funded by Nirma Incubator for transforming it into a global enterprise.

  • Co-working space 
  • Mentoring support 
  • Funding support for prototyping and testing 
  • IP support for trademark and patent licencing 
  • Networking
  • Training Programme