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Our Startups

Our Startups

Company Name: AUTONAUT vitality

Domain: Electric Vehicle


Name of founders: Avi Dugar (founder)

Yashrajsingh Nirban (co-founder)


ELECTRO aims to establish an extensive grid-free charging network that covers both urban and remote areas. By strategically deploying our charging units, we ensure EV owners have convenient access to reliable charging services, eliminating range anxiety and encouraging long-distance travel.

Company Name : XLR8 Aerospace

Domain: Aerospace/Avionics



Founder Name: Siddhant Rao


Power Pilot is a centralized power system which delivers and logs power for all sub-systems of your drone throughout the flight providing you post-flight analytics through Power Connect.  Completely designed & engineered in India.

Company Name : Bharat RobotiX

Domain: Robotics


Founders Name: Saket Joshi and Sanskruti Gondaliya


An autonomous agricultural robot, revolutionizes farming by automating tasks like planting, weeding, spraying, and harvesting. Using advanced robotics and AI, it navigates fields, identifies crops, and promotes sustainable agriculture. This innovative solution saves time and enhances efficiency, marking a transformative leap in farming practices towards a more productive future.