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Tinkerers’ Lab

Tinkerers’ Lab

Tinkerers' lab


Nirma University offers diverse educational programs in the fields of Technology, Management, Design, Architecture, Pharmacy, Science, Commerce, and Law. It provides opportunities for the students to transform their ideas into reality and do project-based learning in Idea Lab, Centre of Entrepreneurship, Incubation Centre, Centre of Robotics and Automation, Centre of Excellence in Data Science, Centre of Advanced Instrumentation etc. The Tinkerers’ Lab is another such facility where students have an access of various tools and equipment to make prototype models on their own.

Tinkerer’s lab expands the learning ecosystem by enhancing the scope for students to imagine and accomplish their projects. Moreover, it gives a chance to students from all fields to think, learn and build together. The students from different disciplines have varied approaches to elucidate a matter. The multidisciplinary interaction at Tinkerers’ Lab would help in building pragmatic approach, critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

The Maker Bhavan Foundation (MBF), California, US has sponsored the Tinkerers’ Lab at Nirma University.  The “Learning by Doing” program ultimately improves student-learning outcomes and helps in preparing better graduates for Industry. The student managers at Tinkerers’ Lab organize training, workshops, events, lectures and courses across all constituent institutes of Nirma University.

Any student from any institute of Nirma University can avail the facilities at Tinkeres’ lab.

Tools and Equipment at Tinkerers’ Lab

Click here for the list of Tools & Equipment at Tinkerers’ Lab

Location of Tinkerers’ Lab
B Block, Room # B106

Google Form to Request the Access of Tinkerers’ Lab

If you want to avail the facilities at the Tinkerers’ Lab, fill the Google Form from the following link. You will receive the email response from us in a few days.

Click  Here for Google Form

People at Tinkerers’ Lab

Head of Tinkerers’ Lab:
Dr Mehul R Naik
Head, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Associate Professor

Lab Technician:
Bhavin Modi,

Student Managers:
Palak Naik,
Dhruv Kher,
Dhyanik Pujara,
Kashish Chandak,
Swayam Desai,
Ritesh Hegde,
Vatsal Gajjar,