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Projects supported under Pre-Incubation 2019-2020

Projects supported under Pre-Incubation 2019-2020

Registration under Pre-Incubation scheme 2019-2020
Sr No Student Name Roll no Faculty Mentor Title of Project
1 Shah Herin Jenis 16bec044 Dr.N.P.Gajjar Plant Disease Detection using Drones
Khemka Shashnk Anil 16bec038
2 Patel Heenal Dharmesh 16bee110 Dr. Manisha Shah (EE) Development of Battery Management system for Electric Vehicle
3 Yesha Shah 16bee086


Prof. Santosh Kakad Development of high voltage battery management system for Lithium ion battery pack
Patel Harsh 16BEE068 (9909559557)
4 Kakaiya Ravi Jatinbhai 16bee087


Prof. Santosh Kakad Area Surveillance and monitoring system
Patel Jahin Pareshbhai 16bee022


Shah Paavan Amitkumar 16bee017


5 Nisha Desai

Ishan Vadhani



Prof.H.K.Patel GSM based water quality measurement system