Students Startup & Innovation Incubation

Student Startup & Innovation Policy of Government of Gujarat aims to create an integrated, state-wide, university-based innovation ecosystem to support innovations and ideas of young students and provide a conducive environment for optimum harnessing of their creative pursuit. Under the grant from the SSIP policy and also Nirma University, the Student Start up and Innovation Incubation Centre is established at Nirma University to support student startup and innovation. The students’ projects having commercial value are funded and guided from the ideation to pre-incubation to Proof-of-Concept stage, and finally turned into a startup company by providing technical, financial, legal and marketing mentorship.

Eligibility: Any student and Nirma Alumni up to 5 years

Admission Process: 

Interested applicants will be required to submit the application, which is availed from our website.

Selection Process:

  • Initial scrutiny of application will be done by interview based on the candidate’s entrepreneurial qualities and area of innovation. 
  • Based on the initial scrutiny of application, applicants will be asked to submit a detailed business plan. 
  • Review of business plan on the basis of technical features, market potential, financial growth factors, business graduation and sustainability.
  • Analysis of the potential to create jobs in the region.
  • Applicant’s skills in the areas of creativity, critical thinking, networking, and marketing. 

To enroll for the programme, they will have to submit the application form which can be availed from our website. The shortlisted candidates will undergo a selection procedure that includes personal interview and reference checking. The selected candidates will be inducted into the programme for further grooming to help them develop entrepreneurial skills and ultimately germinate a value proposition which is then funded by Nirma Incubator for transforming it into a global enterprise.

  • Co-working space 
  • Mentoring support 
  • Funding support for prototyping and testing 
  • IP support for trademark and patent licencing 
  • Networking
  • Training Programme